Terry is Associate at Lusheng Law Firm, based in Beijing.

Terry has almost 12-years experiences in handling patent- or tech-related litigation cases. He was a former patent examiner in Chinese Patent Office.

Terry has a master degree and comprehensive background in both chemistry and biology. He worked as a patent examiner, reviewing chemistry-related patents, in the Beijing Patent Examination Centre of Chinese Patent Office for 5 years. This experience makes him have a deeper insight of technologies. He became a licensed lawyer and patent attorney in 2015, and represented clients in handling different types of tech-related IP disputes and consultancy projects, including patents, software and know-how.

Terry also participated in research projects organized by Patent Office and has represented global companies in handling various tech-related cases, including patent search and analysis, FTO search and legal advice, due diligence, patent invalidation and administrative litigations, patent infringement, know-how, software, and other IP litigations. The technology expands medical devices, pharma, materials, household appliances, optic device, engineering, fast-moving consumer goods, and cosmetics.


Case Highlights

  • Represented an U.S. innovative drug company against local generic drug company in a series of patent linkage cases.
  • Represented a Japanese pharma company against local generic drug company in a patent infringement case.
  • Represented a European polymer manufacturer against local competitors in a series of patent infringement cases.
  • Represented an U.S. medical device company in handling a series of patent invalidation cases.
  • Represented a world leading photovoltaic panel company against local competitors in series of patent invalidation and infringement cases.
  • Represented a European chemical engineering company against its global competitor in series of patent invalidation, validity analysis and third-party observation cases.

Professional Qualifications

  • PRC Licensed Lawyer
  • PRC licensed Patent Attorney
  • Master degree, Nankai University, China
  • Dual Bachelors’ degree, Central China Normal University, China